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Road map

So it’s well past time to update, but I just can’t seem to get myself in gear enough to sit down and get things put down here. It’s not that nothing has happened, because plenty has, but my power–or perhaps just my will–to write continues to escape me. In any case, I’ve set myself the task of posting daily for the month of May because I always seem to do better when I feel a bit of pressure, even if it comes only from myself. I warn those readers who are still hanging in there not to expect too much–there will doubtless be a good number of picture posts–but I hope it gets me back in the game.

Just writing that paragraph has overtaxed my out-of-practice brain so I’ll go ahead and wrap this up, but I promise that I’ll treat you to the following in coming days:

  • how I turned 43 and am totally okay with that
  • how I was front-row center at a Dixie Chicks concert and loved every minute of it
  • how I (sort of) met the queen of Sweden
  • how I finally feel as though I have a sense of direction for my dissertation

And much, much more! Stay tuned!