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The other day I took one of those online tests that pops up regularly on Facebook, this time to determine whether my personality is Type A or Type B. For as long as I’ve been aware that these categories existed, I’ve considered myself a classic Type A, and most of the people who’ve known me for a long time would doubtless agree. Imagine my surprise, then, when the test pegged me definitively as Type B. After some consideration I had to admit that, these days, I would mostly agree with that assessment. Compared to how I was as a younger adult, I’m pretty zen now. I’m sure some of it is to do with getting older, but I think it’s mostly due to having lived for 15 years with Olof, the most laid-back person I’ve ever known. Living in Sweden, too, is surely responsible for this change in me; my life here is pretty stress-free in almost every way compared to my life in the States. It’s sort of funny, because overall I would say that I haven’t changed much at all since moving to Sweden, but maybe it’s time to reassess.