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A little about Valencia

So, Spain was good. The days were warm and sunny, the sangria was delicious and refreshing, the work was productive, and the city itself is lovely and full of beautiful sights. I probably should have written about it either when I was there–or shortly after I came back, at any rate–but I found myself in something of a strange kind of time warp and couldn’t seem to get my thoughts together. I do have a few pictures that might be worth posting, but they’re on my computer at home and I’m in my apartment in Uppsala and can’t get to them at the moment.

I didn’t buy much when I was there, but I did come home with a lasting memento on my skin. On the last night were were in Valencia, I spotted a tattoo parlor around the corner from the restaurant where a group of us from Sweden were having dinner together and I was quite unable to resist the lure of fresh ink. After a bit of consultation around the dinner table with my friends, I decided to get a bat, which is both the heraldic symbol of Valencia and an animal that I particularly love. I’m quite pleased with it, but it’s in the ugly healing stage and I don’t have a good picture at the moment. I do have, however, a YouTube video I found of the artist who did it, which I think I think is also pretty cool: