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Go gentle

Today is a day I’ve been dreading for a while now, the day that I’ll say my final farewell to Asbjørn. He’s two weeks shy of his fourteenth birthday, he’s got what are almost assuredly cancerous tumors in his mouth, and he’s just tired. He’s ready, and I’m as ready as I’ll ever be (which is to say “not ready at all”). The vet will come out to our house later today to send him on his way peacefully, and I’m so thankful that’s an option. Going to the vet’s office stresses him out so much, and I’m relieved to be able to spare him that now at the end. I’m feeling okay at the moment, after having spent a good portion of yesterday crying and grieving. I know there are more tears to come–that’s the way with mourning–but the blow is, and will be, softened by the abundance of memories I have of the wonderful years I have been blessed to spend with this wonderful dog.

5 thoughts on “Go gentle

  1. Very sorry to hear that. Hopefully you will soon feel better and appreciate all those years with him even though they still feel to short.

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