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Heat wave

The past few days we’ve had full-on summer, with temperatures that are nigh on to unbearable. Today was the third day of high 20s Celsius (low 80s Fahrenheit), and I think all of us feel on the verge of expiring from it. Many of you reading this might scoff at what we consider “hot” (and truth be told, I’d have scoffed myself once upon a time), but please remember that we’re only a couple hours’ drive from the Arctic Circle. Not only that, but the temperatures have been noticeably higher up where we are than they’ve been in “warmer” southern Sweden. It’s not right, I tell you.

The worst is that our house never really cools off and even late at night it’s still as hot or hotter inside as the day’s highest temperature. We do have some fans, but they really don’t help much unless you sit right in front of them, which isn’t especially practical for hours on end. I hear it’s supposed to cool down over the next several days and I’m really keeping my fingers crossed that that forecast holds. If nothing else, I’m heading down to Stockholm for an overnight trip on Thursday, and I should at least be able to cool off ever so slightly while I’m there.