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As I was getting ready to leave for the airport this morning, Olof told me that Lydia had called him earlier and wanted him to go out to her house and bring her home. I decided to call her myself to see if there was anything I could do in my limited time still at home, and she sounded very poorly. In addition to feeling very sick and week, she was somewhat panicked by what felt like a repeat of last week’s experience.

At that point, Olof was at least 40 minutes out from her place, and I asked her if she felt as though she needed to go to the hospital again or wait for her dad. She said that I should call for an ambulance, so I did that while trying to hurry into my traveling clothes and put the final touches on my packing. The emergency operator wasn’t especially convinced that a trip to the hospital was necessary, but she took Lydia’s number and said that she would have a nurse call her an evaluate. The nurse was apparently of a different opinion than the operator, because when I talked to Lydia a short time later she said that an ambulance had been dispatched to her house.

As soon as Olof got home from dropping Yrsa at pre-school, we jumped in the car and he delivered me to the airport before continuing on to see to our girl (luckily, the airport is almost exactly halfway between our house and Lydia’s). When he got there the ambulance had already arrived and Olof followed them to the hospital in our car. From there the day seems to have progressed more or less exactly as last time. The episode seems milder, but still bad enough, and I strongly suspect that the increase of one of her medicines is the culprit. She’s got a call in to her neurologist, who I hope–for once–will get back to her in a timely manner.

This afternoon she came back to our house with Olof, where she’ll stay for at least a few days. As you can imagine, she’s very unhappy with the disruption of her life, not to mention the misery of feeling so sick. I hate that I’m away for so long when she’s not feeling well, but I have some things this week that I really can’t miss, and I know that Olof will take good care of her in my stead. Still, though …