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Still peaky

I got a call from Lydia’s boyfriend, David, this morning just after eight, and he reported that she was still feeling poorly and wanted me to come over, just to be there with her. Not able to refuse such a plea, I finished getting the other kids off to school and drove out to visit my little sickling. I think she has some sort of stomach flu, which may have made her more susceptible to a seizure, or at least exacerbated the effects, and she’s really not feeling in top shape.

After sitting with her for a couple of hours, I convinced her to come back home with me (to be honest, it was only the thought of the car ride that made her hesitate), and she’s spent most of the day in her own bed trying to recuperate. I hope she’s feeling quite a bit better tomorrow, as the past couple of days have been pretty awful. She hasn’t been able to keep much of anything down, and she’s just all-around miserable. I don’t at all like the thought of her being sick, but I have to admit, I do like having her here at home.

2 thoughts on “Still peaky

  1. I hope Lydia feels better soon. I have another friend whose daughter has epilepsy, diagnosed in her early 20’s. She’s taken all the meds over the years, been unable to drive when there were medication adjustments, but now she has been seizure free for quite a while and is happily pregnant and expecting her baby in July. She was a young bride and has a wonderful husband, like your Lydia’s wonderful boyfriend. There was a time early on when she moved back home for a while (her husband was in the service), and like you, I think her mom was awfully happy to have her back in the nest for a while. I hope Lydia gets over this flu thing quickly.

    1. I’m so happy for your friend’s daughter! Lydia worries a lot about being able to get a driver’s license and (one day) having babies. I have confidence that it will all work out okay, but I understand that it’s a big source of concern for her.

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