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Good dog


I know I kind of left you all hanging with the report of Asbjørn’s mysterious illness, and I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get around to updating. After my last post, he continued to improve and I felt (almost) no anxiety at all about traveling to England a few days later. Olof made sure to keep me filled in on how he was doing, and the reports were always encouraging. I admit, however, that I didn’t fully believe that he was doing so well until I saw him with my own eyes upon my return home a week ago. The improvement is amazing, really. He’s putting on weight and acting very spry; in fact, he seems entirely rejuvenated. I took this video yesterday of him hamming it up in hopes of getting a treat (the only treats he’s allowed these days are his special hepatic dog food or raw carrots, but he’s still willing to perform).

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