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I see that I’d better get something posted today if I don’t want the entire month of November to be blank. I suppose I should address the subject of my last post, from mid-October and say that Asbjørn is doing great some six weeks after his most recent mouth surgery. He ended up having to be anesthetized so that the vet could pull a tooth, and that made it possible for her to cut away the entirety of the mystery growth. At least, I assume it was the entirety, as there’s no sign of it now, even six weeks on. I do notice that he seems to be a little allergic to something, as he’s been snuffling and sneezing and has mildly runny eyes, but he doesn’t really seem to be bothered by it.

I feel like I should have more to say, given how infrequently I’ve been posting this past year or so, but nothing is coming to me. I’d post a picture, but I’m not taking many of those lately, either. I think I’ve been promising my mom snow pictures for weeks now, and though I did take some (back when we still had snow), I never got around to putting them on our server, so showing them here is right out.

I think what I probably need to do is set up some sort of journal-prompt system and just force myself to write. Maybe I’ll make that my December project, and try to get something written every day. Getting back in the habit of writing here might, I hope, give me a kick-start about writing in general. I sorely need that, given that I’m nearly to the halfway point in my Ph.D. program, and that book ain’t gonna write itself.