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It occurs to me that if I don’t want an empty month in my archives I’d better get at least a few words up with a quickness. Lots has been happening here, but none of it is inspiring me to put down more than a line or two on Facebook every now and then.

Last Monday, the kids went back to school after a too-long summer break, and once they were all out of the house I made my way down to Uppsala for the first time since early June. I was there until Friday, but it was a weird-ish work week, with a conference taking up Tuesday and Wednesday, a morning-long department meeting on Thursday, and a scheduled flight out in the early afternoon on Friday. On my best weeks, I arrive in Uppsala Monday at lunchtime and am able to get a full week in at the office, then coming back home late in the evening on Friday. I have that sort of arrangement scheduled for next week, and I’m looking forward to being able get some real work done in my official workspace.