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Blue note

A few months ago Petra’s hair was waist-length and it was such a hassle to keep it washed and combed that my fingers were positively itching to cut it. After some wheedling on my part, she agreed to let me cut off four or five inches, but it was still much longer than shoulder-length. The past little while she’s been talking about getting it cut short and after she had talked about it enough that I felt reasonably certain that she really meant it, Olof and I took her to town on Monday and visited her favorite salon. Her new cut is what I would call a “skater ‘do”, short all around except for a chunk in the middle that’s about six inches long. Apparently she saw a YouTuber with that kind of cut and she was quite taken with it. She was also taken with the blue color of said YouTuber’s long hair, so while we were in town we bought a box of blue hair dye.

Her natural color is pretty dark, so yesterday afternoon I did two rounds of lightening and today we got to the business of bluing. She wasn’t especially happy during the process and she wasn’t pleased AT ALL in the aftermath (she didn’t realize that the color her hair was when it was still wet wasn’t the color it would be when dry), and it took her a couple of hours to settle into her new look. As you can see, however, she’s happy enough now:

New 'do!

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