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MS update

I had my yearly MRI a few weeks ago, followed a couple of weeks later by an appointment with my neurologist to discuss the results. The absolute worst thing about both experiences was the travel involved in getting to them; for the MRI itself I had to leave my house before seven o’clock in the morning, when it was very cold and very dark–and very, very early–to drive to Skellefte? for the test, and when it was time to meet the neurologist, I had to ride two hours each way on the bus to Ume? for a twenty-minute appointment. The only good thing I have to say about either of those trips was that neither is anything I have to do for another year.

As for the appointment, it was uneventful, which is just how I like it. This may in fact have been the best neurological appointment I’ve had, like ever. The MRI showed absolutely no new MS activity, a pattern that has now held for three years. After a short exam, the doctor pronounced a “very slight” weakness in my left leg the only neurological abnormality and sent me on my way with a new certification for the DMV that I’m A-OK to hang on to my driver’s license (I’m required to send in a certification every five years, and I made it in just under the wire for this one).

This meeting was the first time that the doctor agreed with me that what I’m doing (no official treatment apart from a daily mega-dose of Vitamin D) seems to be working. He didn’t even mention the possibility of additional treatment, something that he and I have been in sharp disagreement about in the past. I don’t doubt at all that he’d rather I did start some medication or other, but I am glad that he’s seen the futility of arguing about it with me and, even better, that he agrees for once that no news is good news.

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