Canons Ashby

I promised pictures a while ago, and now I’m finally getting around to posting some. I didn’t take all that many, so I didn’t have many to choose from. These were all taken at Canons Ashby, a place to which pictures simply can’t do justice.

Lovely view



Gorgeous stove

Medieval priory

3 Responses to “Canons Ashby

  1. phyllis Says:

    Wow! Really nice. The books are so uniform. That is a common sense measure that should be done today. Big, medium and small. Those are the only book sizes we need!

  2. Kathleen Andersson Says:

    Oh I just love these old houses – mind you I expect I’d have been a scullery maid if I had lived in those days – my grandmother worked in a big house when she was 12(!) and she didn’t even get to go home for Christmas. The servants had to wait until Boxing Day to visit their own families! Thank God for progress! I’d have been sacked for talking back to the head butler no doubt! I’m in complete agreement with Phyllis in the books!

  3. phyllis Says:

    I keep looking at the stove in the kitchen. Huge.